The Seecrets of lace from Liptov

The Seecrets of lace from Liptov 

The book Secrets of bobbin lace from Liptov inself was published and released sucesfullay on 7 December 2013 at 07:00 PM in Turčianska Library in Martin. The event was associated with the exhibition of the works of female members of OZ Pôvabnica Turca, which is used lace from Liptov. Photos from the event can be found here

Wrote about the book:

The book captures the unique achievement in the context of the phenomenon of popular culture. Rarely succeed in what proved Mária Čobrdová, Marta Hauserová and the entire civic association Pôvabnica Turca.

Slovakia is a rich region in the form of speeches and elements of traditional folk culture. The most fascinating element has always been women's handicrafts. Although opinions vary, particularly interesting component  bobbin lace. Perhaps the famous lace came from Belgium or Spain, but Slovakia does not lag behind these "lace powers" does not lag. Liptov-lace differed significantly from other regions for its lace exclusively white colors, considerable width and technically most complex patterns of traditional lace in Slovakia. Lace makers created without their master, the mind often during and image of pattern work. Lace bonnet formed the dominant part of the lower and central Liptov, it is less  used in home textiles and garments. Extinction wearing bonnet was quickly stopped doing lace and irrevocably became extinct at the same time, information on the specifics of that characteristic regional bobbin technology  is wonderful, but complex patterns.

Today century computing technology and industrial design goes back to the roots, so that we know them.  There is often a problem, especially in the case of knowledge. Because knowledge is not always complete, and it leads to a difficult, often complicated journey. So it happened that it was technically the most difficult bobbin lace fell into oblivion Patterns created bay this method  became part of the collections of museums and private collectors.  Construction did not submit its procedures skilled lace makers further. Mária Čobrdová not stop in the decision to reveal the secret of liptov bobbin lace, despite the fact that the lace bonnets were lower Liptov bobbin various kinds of ties, lace is dense and difficult to discern the sequence of threads. Multiannual research consisting of gradual unraveling of lace and a detailed plotting of individual steps identified and recorded detailed technological process and thereby saved and created the basis for the revival of traditions of liptov lace for the needs of today's man.

Meritorious and invaluable work is lace-makers of OZ Pôvabnica Turca, which led Mária Čobrdová to decide to rediscover the beauty of lace liptov and share their knowledge with others interested in bobbin lace. Zoom in and unraveling old patterns, his experience and skills to liptov learned to knit patterns. Technically demanding bending patterns made ​​sympathizer civic association Vladimír Hauser. Publications throughout the implementation team has fulfilled its purpose and a resolve to create the best conditions to be characterized and unrepeatable liptovská lace returns to life beautify contemporary man and his surroundings. This is the first time that the patterns liptov lace detail and technically developed to offer the widest possible audience the opportunity to admire, but mainly handle making individual types of patterns.

The publication is also an insight into the history of lace-making in Slovakia, bending more than 30 liptov lace patterns and contemporary works OZ female members, which were used liptov lace patterns. 

                                             Dr. Alžbeta Gazdíková