Course for beginners:
It is aimed at bringing basic skills.
Ties discussed: cheesecloth, pole pairs, roller-binding, leaflets, ploštičky, inserting thread, simple teeth, spider, turning corners simple ado. Tools for beginners we can provide.

Advanced course:
It is designed for graduation course for beginners or for those who already speak the appropriate links.
Ties discussed: different types of hrachoviniek, complex teeth. Techniques liptov lace according to interest of course participants. We emphasize the use of their own individual creativity techniques. Courses are ongoing, according to the number of candidates.

Civic Association Pôvabnica Turca: It is intended for experienced woman who mallets. Condition of admission of new members to deal with OZ is taken over all the techniques in courses for beginners and advanced. Members meet in place of our residence.

Dates of the next meetings in 2020:

13. 1.
27. 1

10. 2.
24. 2.

9. 3.
23. 3.

6. 4.
20. 4.

4. 5.
18. 5.

15. 6.
29. 6.

Dates of further meetings to determine the next six months at the last meeting and shall be complementary. Activities are governed by the work plan OZ Pôvabnica Turca, which is approved annually by the general meeting. OZ Pôvabnica Turca is governed by statutes that are binding for members. In the past, members paied an awareness techniques OZ of individual regions of Slovakia (Špania Dolina, Myjava, Gemer, Staré Hory, Šoporňa ...) These techniques have attracted their attention always only for a limited time. Inexhaustible source of knowledge for them became lace from Liptov, which is considered one of the most difficult in Slovakia. Mária Čobrdová, one of the founding female members OZ is an expert in Liptovian lace. Her knowledge is  give to other members that are under the guidance of learned taht there are a few techniques liptov lace. OZ plans to continue to devote a deeper cognition liptov-lace.